with former prison guard

Going to prison like a real ‘crook’. Take a tour with an old prison guard through the Blokhuispoort. Informative, fun and thrilling!

Go back to the past and see how people used to be imprisoned. You will be guided by an old guard. Imagine yourself to be a criminal for just a moment and get a good impression of how a crook spends his days behind bars.

Saturday tour for everyone

On Saturday our guards are present and you can join a tour including coffee/tea and pastry (€10 p.p.) at 14:00 and 16:00. The tour starts at Proefverlof in the second courtyard. Be there 15 minutes before so you can enjoy your coffee/tea and pastry! During special events the tours might be cancelled. For this, check the Blokhuispoort website.

Tours for groups

For groups from fifteen people you can book a tour from Monday till Saturday. For €10,- per person you will receive coffee/tea and a pastry at Proefverlof, after which the old guard will come and get you. The guards have all worked at the Blokhuispoort and will gladly take you back in time.

Plan a tour?
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