Most people, luckily, have never been in prison, let alone have eaten in one. Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof will change that. Here you can enjoy pure food that is bought locally, at a genuinely special place, namely the old prison of Leeuwarden the ‘Blokhuispoort’. Not just the unique location, but also the special possibilities like cell dining, joining the inmate table, a cuffed dinner and the amazing terrace on the waterside make that memories will be created here that won’t soon be forgotten.

Owners Hotze Bouma, Johan de Jong en Willem Schaafsma are very proud of this new establishment in Leeuwarden.

Chef Willem Schaafsma, who we know from restaurant Eindeloos, wants to make local food of extraordinary quality available for a wider audience. Also, he is transferring his philosophy, knowing what you eat and where it comes from, onto a new generation in the kitchen of Proefverlof.

Initiator Hotze Bouma is the point of contact for parties and special events. At the moment he is already busy to create an ice rink during the Christmas market. Also, he is working on offering a place to hold congresses.

Johan de Jong completes the trio. Johan is an entrepreneur through and through and he keeps an eye on the financial side. He is also an innovator and thinks up the most incredible and fun things through his background in hospitality in Egypt i.a.